Can I change my iPhone 4 service from AT&T over to sprint?

Will my At&t iphone 4 work with sprint?
Now that sprint offers both Iphone 4 and 4S will I be able to change my service from AT&T over to sprint? Or will compatibility issues arise like how verizon only supported CDMA cell technology?

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Verizon and Sprint is CDMA technology… meaning no SIM card slot! Service is based on ESN#

ATT and Tmobile is GSM….. meaning SIM card needed for service, no internal ESN

GSM devices for GSM networks only….. CDMA devices for CDMA networks…

and for those who think they can take a VErizon Iphone to Sprint… good luck… Sprint and Verizon hate each other with a passion and WILL NOT ALLOW their Smartphone ESN#s onto each other’s network… but nice try and kudos for your idea! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!




  1. dooty says:

    my sprint iphone 4s DOES have a sims!!! u can only try,,

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